Monday, August 30, 2010

Will homeowner's insurance cover a water leak under the slab floor?

I had a job at a house in Westfield Indiana, and their Homeowner's insurance company was N*********e Insurance.  The adjuster was great, and they covered the slab leak detection, the slab removal, and the work to put it all back together.  As usual, they did not cover the plumbing work or the plumbing parts to fix the soft roll copper that was run under the slab.  The work could have gone faster if the homeowner had turned off the water the way we asked the night before.  Once we got into the slab, there were hundreds of gallons of standing water under the slab that prevented us from getting to the leak as quickly as usual.  **note to anyone with a similar problem** if you keep the water turned on, you may be damaging the underside of your home.  You are still wasting water, and when the plumber goes to fix it, you are more likely to have mud on the floor when they are done.  Check us out at Call United Leak Detection for a real person to talk to about a hidden water leak. No obligation, no pressure sales, and we only come to your home, if we can help! 888-422-5325 for information and nothing to lose!